How to Rune Icepick?

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I got Icepick's skin so I figured I'd dust him off and give him some new Runes.

Previously, his loadout got his stats to around here:

Health - 6,500
Attack - 3,100
Defense - 2,200
Skill - 1,700 (untouched)
Crit - 34%
DR - 0% (10% in PvP)

I'm looking for a loadout that would work decently in both PvP and PvE, mainly PvE since I don't really see a lot of Icepick in PvP and normally just use my Solaris team anyways. What should I go for? Full damage? Full tank? A mix?

I figured because of his Spontaneous Cover passive I could focus less on bulk and more on damage. I have a Yellow champion rune that gives Health/Attack/Attack, but it's only 4* Heroic. Should I use that, or a Bulwark? Or something else?


  • Icepick is a caster with a unique ability to shield after being damaged, he is also a caster so attack is pretty much the main priority

    Light - There is no point in making icepick strong because he has spontaneous cover, but he does have 1 light rune slot so i guess guardian would be a good option.

    2 Water slots - One soul stealer and one life (or bulwark)

    Fire - Power or incendiary which would pair nicely with frostbite

    Dark - Power or my amazing plague rune which you replied to with full positivity.
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