4th stat on runes

when your crafting a rune is there only a chance for a 4th stat if it is 5 star legendary? What are possible 4th stats that you can get on runes?


  • Fourth stat can show up at the heroic phase or the legendary phase. If the fourth stat does not show up when the rune tier upgrades it will never show up.

    Damage% pvp
    Damage% pve
    Damage Reduction% pvp
    Damage Reduction% pve
    Damage% vs tank
    Damage% vs caster
    Damage% vs rogue
    Damage% vs warrior
    Damage% vs undead
    Damage% vs beast
    Damage% vs demon
    Damage% vs dwarf
    Damage% vs armored
    Damage% vs healer
    Damage% vs magical
    Damage% vs legendary
    Damage% vs goblin
    Damage% vs elf
    Damage% vs spirit
    Damage% vs plant
    Damage% vs flying
    Damage Reduction% vs fire
    Damage Reduction% vs nature
    Damage Reduction% vs water
    Damage Reduction% vs light
    Damage Reduction% vs dark
    Damage Reduction% vs rogue
    Damage Reduction% vs warrior
    Damage Reduction% vs undead
    Damage Reduction% vs beast
    Damage Reduction% vs demon
    Damage Reduction% vs dwarf
    Damage Reduction% vs caster
    {rare} Life Steal
    {rare} Chilling Skin
    (rare) Burning Skin
    (rare) Poison Skin
    (rare) Electric Skin
    (very rare) Haste
  • i have two with poison skins and plenty with burning skin. never knew haste existed! how does haste work?
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • Its pretty underwhelming. Your hero has a miniscule chance to gain the haste buff on its turn resulting in a second attack.
  • Haste can be very good, but it is not reliable.
  • About 5% of the time for me.

    The Potato Army
  • So is haste better or lifesteal?
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • Lifesteal. Procs often. Haste rarely has an effect in game play.
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