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Hi! I have a problem with salvage runes (I can't salvage any runes) and remove runes added on hero. I got error code: B31B3A08. Pleas help. Thanks.


  • did you remove the rune from the hero, and then try to salvage the rune using the craft interface?
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    I'm having this looked into. Thanks for the screenshots.
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    Thalia getting snippy with you.
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    My sons having the same problem too, poor kids 4 years old and he doesnt know any better, but I cant remove runes to put better ones on for him, if I provide his DBID can you maybe manually fix his account to have rune tutorial completed ? He must have did something out of order somehow to have broken it.

    edit: what happens is, if I hit unequip it gets the notice in the screenshot above, if I click the grayed out salvage rune, it crashes with an error, also, I can try to mass salvage in the crafting menu, which also results in the same crash and error.
  • Still broke, even after the 'Rune Upgrading!' Event. Seemed to work at first, took me to Rogar, I upgraded a rune once, then it awarded the rune tutorial achievement, thought "sweet!". Did some stuff for him, then like 5 minutes later went to his rune stash with his 190 runes, went to mass salvage, same error code crash. Reloaded and rune upgrading event is back, this time, no more tutorial lady at rogar screen.
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