Major PvP Issues - 1,000s of Trophies gone/out of sync



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    I disagree

    Why's that ?
  • Local time in McKinney Texas : 2:30PM and still not a peep out of the devs/Mods. Nice.
  • You seem surprised
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey everyone,

    First off, I do think it is important for me to say that I had scheduled last Friday as a personal day several months ago, well before we scheduled the PVP Grand Tourney for the weekend. As community manager, I understand that it is important for me to be around during significant events, but it is also important that I maintain a healthy work/life balance. I am very thankful to Boss Fight for allowing me to maintain that balance, and to @xtmn8r for stepping in to post while I was out.

    I would like to reiterate that the trophy, mail, and matchmaking problems were all caused by a server issue which occurred in the early hours of Friday morning (in CST). This issue was not one that was predictable and could have occurred during any given event, we got particularly unlucky that it occurred during the PVP Grand Tourney. This does not undo the damage, and is not intended to be an excuse, but I think the context is important. I say this in the hopes of showing how seriously we took the testing and design of this event.

    I would also like to reiterate that only the trophy count for the current PVP season was impacted, the count and leaderboards for the PVP Grand Tourney has not been impacted in any way. As such, we designed the compensation based on the PVP season rewards compared to the average number of trophies lost.

    We are reading your feedback on the event and welcome any further input you have.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • You do realize that the rest of the global community (and the late night West coast players) were the ones most dramatically impacted by this, right? They had a pretty much unplayable game, and, if they suffered through the lag and wait and inability to refresh, were rewarded with significant trophy losses?

    I don't know where you get the "average" number of trophies lost == 4 raid tickets. That's insane. I lost a little over 4K, one guild member lost 20K, several on the forums here have indicated that they lost 5-8K. Average lost is CRAP. I'm 5K down on the leaderboards from where I should be, and without streaks, I can't even leverage skill to climb that mountain. Four bloody raid tickets isn't going to do jack for me or many of those impacted.

    The sad thing is that we can still see EXACTLY how many raids were lost by your system. I have a discrepancy of 27 wins and 5 losses. I can tell because the win/loss statistics on My Stats are correct and the ones on the leaderboard are crap. Why can't you do an analysis comparing the values in My Stats vs. those on the leaderboard and send us THAT number of tickets? Do that.

    Telling us that *hey* the other competition was still kinda valid does NOT make up for the fact that you've pissed on my Boss 100 standings. Not happy, and not impressed.
  • For clarity. These are WRONG:


    While this is correct:


    I understand if you can’t correct the Trophies listed on the Boss 100 leaderboard, but you should certainly be able to add the missing 27 wins plus the missing 5 losses, subtract the four tickets you’ve already sent us and find the difference is 28.

    You simply need to send me another 28 raid tickets to make up for the lost trophies. Problem solved.
  • By the same math, they owe me 27 more. I guess the average that got us the 4 included people sleeping during the down time.
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