How I would change marrow

Marrow isn't a bad hero, but he isn't really good either. I like his abilities and most definitely his passives, but here is how I would make him a little better:

I would actually make him a monster caster healer. I would keep the lure ability how it is, but I would change his 3rd and 4th ability. His 3rd ability (the 1st ancension one) I would change into an aoe heal while he also does that shocking thing. His fourth I would change to where he heals while giving full energy and boost crit. I would also boost his health.


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Marrow would be incredibly useful right now if they just swapped Lure and Invigorate. Being able to fully charge a single hero's energy on your first action could be a game changer. Imagine bringing him with the Undead and instantly having Zomm's crazy-powerful abilities ready by the time his turn rolls around. Or imagine being able to instantly charge Brom's abilities, giving him a powerful team heal and (basically) a one-shot kill attack. Outside the Undead, I can't think of many significant uses, but it would definitely still be an upgrade, and make him more useful.
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