Tower of pwnage, dead mangle jaw and shade

Tower of pwnage was always too easy to beat. Something has changed to make it more difficult, which is better. However I have a floor I cannot pass. It has Koros, Pontifex, Mangle Jaw and Shade. I sent in a couple of teams to use the special powers. I then killed Pontifex and Mangle Jaw. Pontifex was revived by Shade and I killed him again. Team lost and Pontifex was alive! However the issue was that immediately Shade revived Mangle Jaw and used his main attack and killed my team in one go. I put another strong team out and Shade revived Mangle Jaw and he used his main attack again and killed the whole team in one go, then it happened again. This can’t be right surely!


  • The tower is messy , If you actually make Ponti a skeleton and the battle ends that way, when you come again he is gone.

    I once got stuck in a Solaris Leo team,I would come in kill Leon and someone else sometimes Solaris or she would use her revive ability and kinda die , when the battle is over on the preview it shows they are dead , but when i join they are all alive at full health and Koros just smokes me.....
  • Agreed. Jeepers, the tower went from difficult when I barely had any heroes, to easy as a reward for the work I spent building my teams and tuning them, to now a huge pain in the ****. I hope they find some middle ground, because it feels like the tower is tuned up the wazoo while mine are ignored.
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