*** GIVEAWAYS *** LIVE tonight at 7pm EST - Toys for Tots Charity Stream

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To celebrate the holidays and the amazing work that Toys for Tots does, 2Dorks and our fantastic crew will be hosting an all day fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds go DIRECTLY to Toys for Tots!

Friday, December 15th

The What:
Tune in at 8am EST for the kick off of our All Day Charity Stream! We will be playing Dungeon Boss, Stardew Valley, World of Warcraft, Injustice 2, Trine, Diablo, Tanzia, and more with occasional news updates from the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades crew, Giveaways, and other surprises! The plan is to raise $500 for the Toys for Tots Charity.

The Why:
It is absurdly easy to miss those around us that have less, especially during the holidays. Unfortunately, children suffer the most in families that are broken, struggling, or full of holes due to missing loved ones. Toys for Tots takes the very simple idea of gift giving and turns it into magic for those families. We take for granted the sheer volume of stuff we will receive in December, but Toys for Tots allows us to share generously with children and families that otherwise go without. Let’s help make this Season phenomenal!

The How:
Visit our Toys for Tots page to donate directly to our fundraising efforts. Donations will be sent via our “Donate Here” button DIRECTLY to Toys for Tots. 2Dorks will NOT act as a middle man. These donations WILL be tax deductible because they will be going directly to the charity. If you TIP the 2Dorks team directly, it goes straight to us and does not act as a donation (you can, of course, still do this, but we prefer you send all your fat loots to the charity!)

Join us for a night of hyper energy, sleep deprivation, and special guests!

DONATION LINK: https://www.2dorks.net/toys

Thanks to the DUNGEON BOSS crew @xtmn8r @Joel @Victoria for continuing to support 2Dorks and for providing Giveaways for both streams... Tune in for more details!!! ;)
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  • I'll post the schedule when we finalize it later this week. Obviously, the DB giveaways will happen during the Dungeon Boss stream time slots - right now, we are shooting for 8-9:30am EST and 5-7pm EST.
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    Charity! Festivity! Merriment! Frivolity! Words!
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    Confirmed! Dungeon Boss has provided some giveaways for tomorrow's stream: 3 bundles of 5 free portal pulls. Swing by and join us for a chance to win...
  • Dungeon Boss stream - today from 6:30pm to 9pm EST... Come check out the giveaways (portal bundles) and help us raise some cash for Toys for Tots...
  • 8:00 Stardew Valley
    9:00 Stardew Valley
    10:00 Stardew Valley
    11:00 WoW
    12:00 Wow
    1:00 Injustice 2
    2:00 Portal 2
    3:00 Skyrim
    4:00 Skyrim
    5:00 Tanzia
    6:00 Tanzia
    7:00 Dungeon Boss
    8:00 Dungeon Boss
    9:00 Trine
    10:00 Diablo
  • Updating time from 7-9pm

  • Going live - come by and grab the lootZZZZZ
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