Dungeon Boss Candy Corn Grind

Hey guys just wanted to make this post to ask what everyone thinks is the best way to farm candy corn for this event. I’m currently at 31,000 and haven’t spent any yet anyone have tips to grind more?


  • The Vault.
  • Definitely The Vault.
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  • What/where is the Vault ?
  • ok, found "The Vault" from another post, it's 14-6, but there's the normal & challenge mode Vault. anyways I ran it a few times w/ 4 hers w/ skins and not seeing any big difference in candy corn drops.

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  • Sorry about that, was mostly just following along with the snappy and vague answer that was given, the fact of the matter is that its just a decently large crypt dungeon which allows a higher chance to receive Pumpkins, thus more chances for candy corn drops from said pumpkins.
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  • Is it a good idea to farm the boss mode elemental dungeons? They have a lot of rooms, but take a while.
  • I got a decent amount of pumpkins out of pestilence spiral, but I'd say no unless you got the double-tap quest completed as the skellies can't spawn there, plus the vault is noticeably easier.
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  • @mikitaro can't do all the work for you. ;)

    Normal and Challenge have virtually the same output as far as candy is concerned.

    I do Normal when I'm paying attention and will be sure not to miss a pumpkin. My Furnace one shots everyone with his basic, so it makes playing on Normal super fast.

    I do Challenge mode when I'm not paying attention or want to have more time with each room to tap the pumpkins. Also prefer getting Pyre Embers in the end of dungeon chests, but again, sometimes, it's better to do a lot of dungeons quickly and focus on the candy corn.
  • 14-6 (The Vault) and 16-5 (Temple Ruins) are the two best dungeons to run. They are both about equal in pumpkin drop rates. 16-5 gives more materials on average, however, because it is a higher level dungeon. Here are some stats from last year, but they probably still hold this year, except for the double pumpkin drops, which was fixed this year.

  • For me personally, stage 11-4 in challenge I enjoyed farming because it gave a lot of the rare celestial evos, more so in the beginning of the event than now but i would still get one quite often
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