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    I quite enjoy grog. My favorite hero. Not sure what it will look like to have three fast beasts and Solaris, but I imagine it is good enough to counter shade/hopper
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    Also, go gorgons!
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    farfella wrote: »
    Hol up... A fast beast? -_-

    There's already Lupina, but a 2nd fast beast will allow beasts to be viable vs. the Shade/Hopper combos instead of relying on your own Shade! Great addition and allows for more ALL BEAST teams.

    Much needed after the MK nerf/undead buff. I absolutely hate undead; hate the design, the way they play, especially Zomm. Having a beast team to combat them will make PvP so much more fun; only beast with an epic right now is Lupina, vs. the Undead/Shade who all have epics. At the highest levels, beast teams were going to fall by the wayside because of the lack of epics.

    Now that Grog is getting his due, Beasts will FINALLY have a chance to step into the spotlight!

    Torchy is another fast beast (with epic).
    And Bovus has an Epic as well.

    No no no, we need ALL Beasts to have epics. Solaris should be next.
  • Maybe it's not all bad. Maybe they're just a utility hero.

    Then again, Grog appeared to be a utility hero, but he also has Tank-like Health and Defense, and Warrior/Caster-like damage...

    Seriously, Snow Day shouldn't do damage. Or at least, a very little amount.

    OTOH, Grog is a fantastic PvE hero because of Snow Day. Being able to hit 2 rooms with AOE from 1 hero is a phenomenal way to clear Boss Island dungeons, especially the Pestilence Spiral (and the Lava Academy is a joke with him).

    FWIW, his epic boosts skill, D and health, so it's not like he's getting an attack buff on top of everything else.
  • also why not evie knockoff for new hero

    I thought we went over this already
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  • I just noticed people in PvP using GG with full epic. That’s awesome that people who live in different time zones get it first so they can show everyone else how to best utilize said advantage and trounce the competition.

    Yet another in a slew of great ideas from BF.
  • It's about time for those not in US timezone to benefit, and I have lost count of how many times I lose out because of it. Quite often the devs forgot to make the boss island available to those not in US when a new epic drops, as a result we have to wait a few hours to a day for it.

    It's the end of raid season anyway so hopefully it doesn't matter so much for long.
  • I really wished you guys stopped stopped feeding the beast team and paid attention to the goblins or demons. at this rate, this game should be called Dungeon Beast.

    Other than that, I hope the event is fun. Thanks
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