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  • still trying to get undead team for PvE
  • How's Ekko working for you ?, Im also still waiting for Zomm lol was hoping he would be featured today but it was Grog...
  • ekko is ok, but still not what i wanted tho. lol
  • i'm almost close to get yorick. And farming Tokens for Brom. Also,s aving up 2,700 gems in case a Zomm or Hansuke portal event appears.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Hopefully this Christmas will give you lots of chances to get Grog/Valkin tokens. They're both quite useful in PvP.
  • oh, ok thanks! I'm going to get gems for christmas, so hopefully I can get a Zomm portal summon if an event comes.
  • awesome, just got Yorick! And brom tokens is 34/100 now! :D
  • Any more tips guys? I'm a lvl 31 and on Floor 10 on Tower of Pwnage.
  • use cannon fodder first, then bring in the kill squad
  • k thanks! Also what members should I use in PvP?
  • what are your best heroes that have good runes, are fairly useful as a whole
  • Well, my current PvP Team is Ferno, Pontifex, Shadowblade, and IGOROK. All others I pretty much don't use except for NubNub, Yorick, and Executum, whom I use for PvP.
  • i say use chief nubnub, stone fist, shadowblade, and anybody else. Sifu isn't that bad after you ascend him cause then he can heal and that's just plain aweso
    Come and join me, Ignus the Sad. Bow to me and become bad.
  • lol i'm probably going to think about that ;)
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