Looking to possibly merge our 2nd guild with another 9k

Beavers_kleaver and I have run Satiated Gorgon for almost 2 years now and it is a 1st place rewards guild. We started up the 2nd guild Gormandizing Gorgon about 6 months ago and have consistently finished around 110th place.

We are looking for another guild in a similar position that may want to mash our top players together to form a hopefully Top 10 guild. We have about 25 players who get 210+ every week. But then there are always that bottom 5 who get like 120 or less. We just don't have the time to micro manage the 2nd guild. All of our efforts go into maintaining SG.

We would like to keep our name. This will probably be a deal breaker for most. But just thought I would put it out there. If anyone wants to talk, hit me up on LINE. Same name as here.



  • Maybe you can convince some of the LC players to remain after the Christmas event and join you.
  • Still looking to do this. We don't care about the name thing anymore. Your guild would be the middle guild and gorm would be the 3rd. Line me!
  • I heard my guild(Easy Company) leader xParadox talking about merging with you guys this morning. Since guild chat isn't the best, could you update me if anything goes through?
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