The Epic Lich Boss

Hi All,

I'm just curious how ppl deal with him? I presume it's a him, but it's hard to tell with undead!

It all goes fine until I get his health down to 50%, but then he starts charging up and nuking my heroes. It's quite literally death-from above! Unfortunately I don't have any electricity users so my dmg output isn't great.

I've tried with willow, nim, nubnub/yasmin, stonefist, tsume but haven't got him below 25%. Problem is he keeps healing thru sacrifice & re-summoning. I presume it isn't worth attacking the skeles he keeps summoning?

I'm F2P & lvl30... I'm guessing 3 revive pots maybe the order of the day...


  • meowstaa_meowstaa_ Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Don't attack the little skellies!
    Bring alex if you have him, if not(most likely not), stonefist should work fairly well to keep away the minions from attacking the rest of your team. (he's immune to disease as well)
    Willow isn't as great as tsume, and definitely keep nubnub instead of yasmin. Make sure you cast stout team before you use your hero abilities.
    Level 30 might be a bit low if you don't have your heroes all up to the level. But it is possible with a few revives.
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  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I used Masuta Kira for PWN undead. Yasmin for PWN undead. Squinch for warrior hunter since most skeletons fall into that category, and Ekko because the Lich is weak to lightning. Prior to Masuta I used Nitpick since skeletons have fire weakness.
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  • Im lvl 27. I beat him with. Tsume,Igorok,Masuta and Willow
  • Lol I'm vip0 so no ig or mas...

    I levelled and retried it with willow, tsume, stonefist & nub ...worked like a dream. Coordinating stout with my other hero abilities seemed to have a massive increase in dmg!

    Didn't have even use any pots...Thanks for all the assistance.
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  • You don't need to be VIP to get Igorok... He was my second summon from portal...
  • He's tough, it took me 3 tries to beat him using Tsume, Willow, Stonefist, and Yasmin. Actually, I would have beat him earlier if I'd used some potions but I generally don't mess with them and forget they were there :)
  • Use IGOROK, Masuta Kira, Lady Nimriel and Yasmin, kill the Lich in my first try. (I was Level 30)
    Ignore the minions and focus on the Lich, aware of its "Lich slap".
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  • MoghtarMoghtar Member
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    first try killed with lvl 27 just focused on the lich.

    I had 1 healer (nub nub) and good monotarget, in the first minute i spended time on kill the skeleton but when i saw that he creates more skeletons then i focused on the boss, it was a long battle but easyer than other bosses i remember (at least with my heroes composition)
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  • I waited to level 31 to take on the Lich. Succeeded on the 1st attempt but had to use 3 potions at the end.
    2* Yasmine, 2* Stone Fist, 2* Tsume, and 2* Ella . I chose Ella because she was a Light hero and had resurrection ability, but she turned out to be the weak member of the team. She had no attack power, and the resurrect never became available.
    Tsume was the real damage dealer. I allowed his health to get as low as possible and used his specials to great effect.
    While Stone Fist taunted the minions, I hacked away at the Lich with everybody, and used Yasmine to heal whenever necessary.
    Eventually the Lich let loose a meteor shower and killed 3 heroes. I used the potions and dealt the last few deadly blows.

    Nub Nub would be a better healer, but I have not built him up yet
  • Deal with him with 30lvl Masuta, Tsume, Nuk Nuk, Stone Fist. Exatly in that order. Masuta was standing on the second line in battle, so the lich never attacked it and Masuta duу to pawn undead dealt the most damage.
    Never attacked the skeletons, was taunting them with Stone.
    Used a revive potion during the main level on the fist boss. And then used two energy potions on Nuk Nuk to heal and buff the oders.
    The lich didn killed a single hero.
  • EyksEyks Member
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    Looks like I took a different approach from most of you. I used a Beast team with Torchy, Jabber Clenchjaw, Mangle Jaw, and Stonefist. Healers are for the weak! Somehow won on my first attempt while going in blind.

    I killed one skeleton early in the fight but left the other one in case he could summon more (he did). From there, I just did Tons of Damage (TM) until he was almost dead. He managed to get one big charge-up nuke on me right before I killed him. I got scared and used a revive potion since only Jabber survived, but it turned out not to matter as Jabber immediately dealt the killing blow afterwards.
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  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I just used advantages over the undead. Squinch's warrior hunter, Masuta's PWN undead, Yasmin's PWN undead, Ekko's lightning since the Lich himself takes 1.5x damage from all electric based attacks. He must be a flying type under all that dead.
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  • I first completed it when I was lvl 24 with : Nubnub, Yasmin, Stonefist, & Tsume
  • I beat him at level 24 with tsume, willow, stonefist, and bovus first try as well only used 1 rez
  • ChronisChronis Member
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    Beat Lich at lvl 22. I was trying to do it without health potions, but I ended up having to use 1

    Forgot to post my team. Bramble, Squinch, Nub and Julius
  • I don't understand why do people keeps talking about how early they can progress when they have **** load of legendary heros and shits which i assume they really farmed for it ? instead of throwing tons of gems which they are kinda supposed to be proud of?
    Just take Tsume, NubNub, Willow, Stone fist, dont use Tsume,NubNub and Stonefist's cooldown(except for taunt) right away, wait till the boss started charging, then use NubNub's stout tower to buff up(and make sure u are at full health when the lich cast his first sacrifice, which means he is gonna use his ult) for his first ult, then use all ur Tsume's spell after the damge while NubNub heal up the team.

    then continue doing damage to lich, and as always, keep Tsume's cooldown, keep the team at full health when the lich casts his ult, for lich's second ult you will need stonefist's fist of justice to reduct the damge, and repeat step one with Tsume and NubNub afterwards.

    Basically you will have Nub Nub's stout for 1st, 3rd, 5th round of Lich's ult, and Fist of Justice for 2nd, 4th, but you should be able to bring him down in 3 rounds.

    And just ignore the skeletons on the sides, they can't really do **** and ur dps wont allow you to kill them.
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  • Just level up and hit him with everything you have.
  • I think I had Igorock, NubNub, Tsume, and one of the girls, I don't remember which one. My strategy was to ignore the skeletons completely, and in that part where he's powering up, hit him with everything you can. I don't know if that was real or just a fantasy, but it's worked for me a couple of times.
  • He is so easy, I just 3 star him today on second attempt on 24 lvl and VIP lvl 0 :blush: Team: Chief NubNub 3* ascended once, Squinch 3* ascended twice, Tsume 2* ascended twice and Stonefist 2* ascended once. nmpaqu4ije6h.png
  • LiqLiq Member
    It's definitively a lot easier on my 2nd & 3rd run throughs... Nub, willow, stonefist & tsume worked fine at lvl28...just need to coordinate nub to cast stout just before the lich nukes, and hit him with your abilities to max dmg output. No deaths and only one energy pot was needed.
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  • I am only level 22 beat him with Brom NubNub ShadowBlade and Stone Fist. The way I did it was keep using water on rock, then when it says charging use voodoo chant. (Also, keep using stout)
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  • craft a few improved battle runes and he should go down to 2-3 shots from wirrow
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