PVP ranking breaking again

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Dear players/members/developers
I was an ambitious player for more than 2 years.
I am part of the strongest guild family in that game and proud i have shared my time and ressources with a lot of amazing people.
Yesterday i sent in a ticket to big fish because of game issues. I took a gold key to open the next door to get the 50 raid tickets to start in a good new raid season. But raiding was not possible. No oppunents.
To let you know ... i am always finishing seasons as legend 1.
Today morning raiding is possible. First was feeling happy that the crazy goblins were banned from blockading my dungeon.
Then i saw that the game issues has became worser ... i was diwn to crawler ... lost all my trophies.
Every raid i am doing now on hard option is getting me a reward of 80 trophies ... instead of 160.
I spent a lot of money, time, tears and ressources into this game.
To build up my accounts and name ingame.
And it feels like getting hurt ... i do not get back my inveted hours or my invested money. And raid tickets do not bring back my invested money and time.
Frustrations grow and anger. I paid/invested gold jeys to get raid ticketsto get a good start in another good season. I have paid for it. I have already soent time and ressources for it.
Instead i lost my daily rewards of pvp League and getting halph trophies ... and lost my ressources ...
That was not the deal i was paying for.
And please no more tipps in your response Emails about naybe it's an issue with my 'wifi connection' ...
Still waiting ... for next response and help.


  • (Basically she dropped from 20k trophies to 1250 trophies like the others.)

    @Joel you guys need to figure out a better way to recover from this sort of thing. Giving people 150-200 tickets and wishing them well is abysmal customer service.

    “Good luck! Spend the next day or two raiding for hours just to get back up to where you should have started. Hopefully we’ve made the rewards this week bad enough that you won’t feel like you’re really missing out on anything and/or so there won’t be a ton of people pushing Boss 100 raid counts too high.”
  • Really upset come on dungeon boss. First loss was to top 100 and your technical difficulties screwed me for 2nd time. My situation was same exact to Clara who started this thread. I already pay to play so that can't be it. Less is more so dungeon boss needs to make right what's wronged
  • It took me 115 wins to get from Brawler 1 to legend 3 after this latest slap in the face from the game. It would have taken OP less. I was in same situation as ClaraR. I could have spent time spamming dungeons for wreaths. Hopefully this will be the only time this happens to us. Happy raiding.
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    I was just starting to believe in you guys again. Then this. Again. As a member of the largest guild family (with Clara) we saw this happen to a lot of players, and it's crushing. Also, after all that have you really taken away the season reward rune for PVP? Bad Bad Bad Call.
  • @Beckerbear @jbbigboy1 @TopKnight
    It's not the first time such issues has happened
    How to please members to take their time and ressources and money again to build up their ranking that they have had ... and lost because they invested in that game ...
    I actually do not know ...
  • 2nd time for me!!! I tried raiding to get back up to wake up to being raided by all top 100 and several back to back same opponent's. My 140 raid tickets is a joke
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