Unable to click koros when grog is blocking him in PVP

Please see below screenshots,

Grog with his epic, is too large in the screen that I am unable to click on koros, who is the first normal hero that I’m trying to get rid of. I’ve had the similar issues 4 times in the past and caused me losses. Other cases were lord zomm’s staff blocking koros.

Can you make grog’s size as he’s in his Xmas costume? there are other hero sizes concerns I feel like using grog as an example.



  • Idgaf about Solaris blocking shines in pve, you guys prolly dgaf also. But this is pvp, it hurts my ego when I take a L due to crap like this.
  • This has also happened to me a few times just today as well and I've lost raids because of it. Grog's character is too large and blocks access to other heroes. Please review the hero sizes ASAP!
  • It’s even worse when trying to eat the brains or possess a dead Koros.
  • The third thread on this. Is that enough threads for them to do something?
  • It takes four threads to be put on these list. @danac, get with the program.
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