DB on top of things, part 1

Thanks, DB, for giving us an epic for Gnog that makes him *bigger*, but keeping him center front in matches,
so that now not only does he shot block Solaris's ashes, he now shot blocks Koros, who inexplicably is placed far back.

You need to fix targeting for heroes so we can target *all* of them, not just giant two headed brutes.


  • Yes, apparently spreading those heroes out is harder than splitting the atom.
  • How is this spam?
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • @danac’s comment is certainly not spam but yours is @farfella. Now you made me add this spam comment.
  • farfella wrote: »
    How is this spam?

    Maybe they're fans of Koros and don't want him targeted.
  • I am running into the same problems as @danac too:

    Grog blocking Sol’s ashes from my Zomm who I inteded to remove Sol from the battlefield:


    Grog & Pig boxing in Koros and making him untargetable:


    Grog almost blocks the treasure chest at this point!:


    Would be nice to see targeting fixed at some point as it’s starting to cause frustrating lost matches.
  • Would be nice to get the odd gold key maybe in boxes because however much you try you will not get me to pay £40 for keys which ultimately means the interest is impossible at some level
  • Since the Tower now frequently features multiple floors with Solaris, Koros, Grog, etc. I for one would like to see it “un-runed” at least until the ongoing targeting issue has been fixed. Even then since the balance of power can be so skewed by the right runes my choice would be a back to basics approach, remove runes for both teams, make stars mean something again.
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