Help with Furnace

So I have seen in various places that Furnace is, at the minimum, an above average hero. I understand that the meta can change suddenly but so far he seems like a heaping pile of dung. Is this outdated information or am I just using him incorrectly/not far enough along with him?


  • He is a hot pile of steaming garbage before you get his final ascension and Bauble alongside him.
  • His claim to fame is “abs of steel” which limits the dmg he can take from any one attack. You used to be able to pair him with a full DR runed Bauble to heal him and you’d have a nearly invincible team. Nowadays, there are a lot of DR penetrating options, and the last few heroes released have slowed down dmg amounts enough so that furnace is not nearly as powerful.

    He also gives decent buffs to armored heroes and dmg dealers, which for a while made him fit well on many team makeups.
  • the perfect counter to challenge mode savage fury levels that otherwise would have almost always taken casualties
  • I've used furnace as part of the zomm counter in many raids this season.

    Are all plugs shameless?
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