Aria isn't retaliating everytime/ Other Aria Issues

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I noticed aria wont retaliate if a beast hit her on a pack tactics attack and she dodges. This isnt a leo doing pack tactics, so dont bring that up a.a. Aria needs to be able to retaliate on every attack dodged, she is legendary after all, and right now not so good. I learned not to judge her by her attack stat anyways since at 3.5k attack is a shade misses an attack on her he's a goner. On a side note, allow Aria to become immune/ignore perfect swing. Come on its saddening that a legendary hero is countered so easily. You devs are buffing legendaries, so please look at her next. When I say buff, don't remove any passives while your at it like IGOROK and Lord Zomm though. Maybe a epic. Anything. Also I noticed that Sand in the Eyes is considered melee. This attack is ranged, not melee. This is very annoying since she'll be affected by skin debuffs when using this.
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    Also noticed Aria is apparently Lightning Immune? Doesn't say that anywhere in her passives, but an enemy in PvE used 'Thundercracker' on her, and it did 0 damage and said 'Lightning Immune'. Unsure if Ekko in PvP would also be unable to damage her with his Lightning attacks.
  • I doubt it. My guess is that someone else in the party was Lightning Immune and the message just appeared near her, rather than beside the one who was unaffected.
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    It is intended for Aria to not retaliate against Pack Tactics or other revenge attacks, or else things could go infinite.
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  • Then just cut it when aria retaliates the revenge attack. She needs pretty much anything at this point of the meta...
  • Speaking of which I recently when into a raid, and spirit linked someone with pumped from kai. Shade got pumped, and I made the foolish mistake of attacking nubs. We both had pumped. I lost shade to that one because nubs kept crit-healing. Kind of funny. Took over a few minutes of back and forth before the slimy goblin killed me.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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    Joel wrote: »
    It is intended for Aria to not retaliate against Pack Tactics or other revenge attacks, or else things could go infinite.

    Hey, as long as its my Aria doing the infinite attacks taking out a whole beast team, I am all for it haha
  • If Zomm gets to put your team on an infinite disease, Cruel King Bramble can put you under a might as well be infinite teabag with goblins, I don't see the problem here. Its not infinite because eventually someone dies though.
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