Solaris nerf needed immediately



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    bvs72 wrote: »
    This thread will soon be forgotten in favor of the “Goretusk needs to be nerfed immediately” thread.

    goretusk dosent need a nerf tho

    We haven't even seen enough of GT to tell what he needs yet, though he looks exceedingly strong. His mega-defensive capability with minimum 30% DR for teammates is going to be frustrating for a lot of players to compete with.

  • KnurtKnurt Member
    I find solaris teams relatively easy to beat. If you have Shade+Hopper and someone to purge phoenix feather(Tsume, Koros, Zomm etc.), Solaris and his friends will be dead in no time. Also put crit runes on Hopper. That way you'll get energy on each crit attack.
    please send arcane evos
    Favorite Hero: Hopper
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