Bug with Queen Dearius and Brom 1st Abilities

So I got suspicious of a potential issue last week when on the post battle screen I saw 1 damage 3/4 times...this stood out bc I a don’t always check it so it was a high % of occurring based on how often I check that and B because I knew no heroes were resurrected...I know with both of their abilities they deal unhealable damage so if I killed said hero and they were brought back to life they have only 1 life....but this wasn’t what was going on here these heroes never died and yet had one life left....so
Today I tested this some


These were 4 back to back matches...and zomm just cleaned up someone DQ (Dearius) left alive....

Sure this happening once or twice will statistically happen but recreating it 4 times in a row...not so much....and again THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH THEM DYING AND COMEING BACK...THEN NEVER DIED.


Here we have Leo killing two remaining heroes and dealing two damage...


And my personal favorite back to back matches where Astrid follows DQ and kills 5 heroes doing a combined 5 damage.

From my own personal test I beleave it’s some kind of rounding issue occurring with odd* hit point heroes....reasons I say this is it does not occurs on crit hits most likely bc the 2x deals with the rounding issue, and even then it’s still not 100% some matches she will kill everyone without a crit others 2 still standing, you saw the one where she left 3...so it seems a split on the non hit crits thus the conclusion of it being an odd hit point rounding issue in them reducing life rather then damaging.

I also have videos of all of these matches that I have provided to MFG members via line if you would like to see them.

*could be even as well just seems like odd numbers would give the rounding to 1 issue more then likely.

@DB_Dillon @Joel @xtmn8r thoughts?


  • i saw the same thing happening using daeris on a beast team, next round i saw they all had a very very tiny bit health left.
  • I've seen the same thing with Daeris. The target's health bar always remains full (a full red bar, as if no damage was done) after her attack when it happens. I didn't gave it much thought, before now. I assumed it was just a visual glitch.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    We're looking into this. Thanks for the heads up.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Thanks @Joel please keep me posted! @ScoutYo the bar still looking full isn’t really an issue that’s due to her reducing max health so if she takes a 15,000 health zomm down to 10 health 10/10 is still 100% the big comes in to something is causing her to leave them at exactly 1hp ALOT, at a statistically impossible amount. Only thing is due to not being able to see exact health numbers this took some effort and work to prove.
  • Off by one or rounding error. So many of them in the client.
  • @epicredcard the ability description for Purple Rain of Sorrow describes the damage as "unhealable." I'd still consider the bar remaining full to be an issue, since it gives the appearance that no damage was done at all. It's hard to gauge how much health is left on a given target, when that happens, and thus who to target with what. I get what you're saying, though. I thought it might be related, but perhaps not.

    That aside, I have seen exactly what you're describing. I killed a Hansuke with 1 damage just the other day.
  • @ScoutYo no problem and I agree that is an issue but I think that’s just their way to code that...so it works as intended yet is tough to decipher. It’s all so one of many many reason why I would love to see actual 2345/9862 type numbers in health bars. Then you would simply see instead of 10,320/13,200 health the heroes hit by her have 2031/2031 health now or something. This requires no change to how the ability works but I think it would address the full health bar issue.
  • @epicredcard 100% agree!
  • @Joel @DB_Dillon any update on this? Is this something the new battle formula may fix or is this more? Still happening frequently when I use DQ...I’m at a 94% win rate on offense this season and I lost a 66 streak last night to a zomm and his minions....looked an awe full lot like the right amount of damage for the 1 hp bug...no way to confirm that but either way I don’t like using her right now as a bug could be the reason I lost that or has the potential to extend matches.....
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    We haven't been able to make this issue appear on our end. :( The combat update just went live though, let us know if you're still seeing it. If you have any videos of this happening, it would also be helpful
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Is this the same update? Was this found with the Solaris bug, or still unable to replicate?
  • I guess I've answered it. I'm still seeing opponents left with 1hp way more often than what seems likely. Any update on this issue?
  • Can confirm still happening.
    Solaris survived daeris and zomm killed her for her final 1health

  • And Solaris hitting pignus for 1damageazj7w00mdyca.png
  • This thread hasn't been bumped in quite some time, even though I've seen mentions of this bug in many other threads. Any updates on how this is going?
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