Runes for Hopper

Which runes do you suggest doing for Hopper (for PvP only)? I was thinking going with defense and some life. Most people run shade in PvP, and an FA shade negates the Haunted Past debuff that an allied shade can give to the enemy dark heroes, thus making it so an attack based Hopper won't be doing the 2x damage (per the debuff of Haunted Past) with 'Just a Taste'. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Thanks.


  • hopper is only useful (loose statement) if she is alive... defense and damage reduction all the way!

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • Pure attack hoppers are baller.
  • Before Solaris, I used a pure attack hopper as the first hero on defense. This made him hard to use on offense. After Solaris my hopper is all damage reduction and defense.
  • With FESH, a pure attack Hopper was the only way to rune her. Super easy to use her for offense when FESH was viable.
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