Tower of Pwnage error

Having a problem with the Tower. I get an error just after my second hero attacks and jumps back to his spot. I have tried different teams, attacking enemy in different order and using different abilities. I always get an error code and then have to relaunch game. Here are some sample error codes:
And another using a different team, but same result:
Always happens the same, but different teams end with different error codes. One team went further but just froze where I couldn’t target anyone or do anything but close game and relaunch:
I am unable to proceed past level 10 of the Tower.


  • Finally got past it. It was crashing due to the “Disabling the Enemy” event quest at 66/80 point. I managed to get past it by staying on 1x speed and using no heroes that would add to the event total. This still probably need to be fixed though!
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