Matchmaking needs adjustment

I’m getting tired of facing E, M and H options that are all hard in Warlord I. If this is the future of PVP then offer equal trophies for each option.


  • Still waiting on E, M and H options in PVP. Almost every team offered is 5400 and above and this includes multiple refreshes.

    Is this even being looked at?
  • E & M look easy to me
    Oh the profanity!
  • Do you think they take account of 'poor' set ups? I too think E and M look easy because I love all fast defences - Ferno, Koros, Astrid and Zomm will win every time. Or Goretusk for Ferno if you've runed him correctly yet. Perhaps the algorithm looks at win/loss ratio for different defences as well as the total power? In that case the three teams above would make more sense.

    It would help if they explained how teams are chosen. I'm still not sure whether total team power does make a difference - I de-runed 3/4 of my squad and saw no discernible difference in teams offered.

    I'd love to see the best to worst defence line-up stats!
  • Matchmaking is surely broken, I keep seeing players moving from M to H, matches become all easy at some point of the season and so on.
    But, in that pic, only H option was the probably best player in the game.
    You can't think same rune power means those accounts are equal strong.
    Right now thousands of players are capable of building a 5k+ rune power defense.
    For sure they are not all hard.
  • also team power per league is a bit off, im seeing legendary 1 tier type ranks in legendary 3, which is a bit of a hindrance to getting the win streak bonus into good shape.
    Oh the profanity!
  • Derision wrote: »
    E & M look easy to me
    @Derision the original post was made during a different meta. I’ll update the my options for you.


  • I'm basically seeing the same combos, all with the same power rating.

    I'm really hating this adjustment.
    Oh the profanity!
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