All healer PvP ??

Hey guys, now with the PvP event I'm trying to do all the quests and just can't get the one
Win 5 PvP raids with ALL healer team
My healers are Nub Nub, Yasmin, Sifu and Emily and I'm a little afraid that I can't win anything with them, I love Nub Nub but when the opponent starts they're all just dead :D Has somebody some idea or should I just let it go ? :*


  • The healers really aren't in any way a viable team. Especially since they don't 1) survive and 2) heal. Only way to get that one done is to find someone that puts up a pity defense with super easy heroes for you to mow down.
  • Try to find mine, they are my 4 weakest, never used Lvl40 heroes you can slaughter ;)
  • I did do this, but mostly because of kind people leaving weak defences. I used Ember Solaris, Emily and Yasmin. I had some luck against dead teams and Yasmin getting her epic off. An Ember boosted Solaris does a lot of damage. Without Ember it will be really hard.
    I found the all yellow team even harder, and haven't finished it...
  • Zen Ember Cobressa Solaris. Look for glass cannon teams. Cobressa is your only offense, so look for teams that Cobressa can kill. Avoid GT and Solaris teams. Good luck.
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