Working on list of rune setups

Since the combat revamp has been added some rune setups that used to be good now aren't and those that were bad can sometimes be good.
In this thread i want to make a collection of usefull or fun rune set-ups for each hero. And you can help me with that.

I am not a max lvl70 player so I need some help with this. you can make a suggestion like this:
hero, PvP/PvE, "type of setup", runes: rune slot "rune type" (specific stats)

With type of setup I mean give the setup a name like: Full DR or Max Crit

For the rune stats please use the following terms:
DR=damage reduction
DP=damage penetration
Crit=crit chance
Hp=max health
DC=dodge chance

Here is one of my setups(don't know if it's good or not, just to get an idea):
Bovus, either, All around. Runes: 1. battle:Atk-Crit-Atk 2. Power:Atk-Atk-Crit 3. bulwark:Df-Df-DR 4. precision:Crit-DC-Crit 5. battle:Atk-Hp-Crit
Trying to get back to playing the game after a few months...
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  • I can't do this alone, so if you have a rune setup you want to share, post it here!
    Trying to get back to playing the game after a few months...
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