Tower of Pwnage Change: Runic Rumble



  • Well if you have time you can spend 10million gold and around 3 hours of your life at great summons to get around 3000 aether. Once actual new heroes appear there i mean.
  • Buying 100 stam per day and getting 275 gems is not worth going through the harder tower every day. Yeah upgrade the pwn shop with ferno tokens at least, raise the gems, add materials, and the tower would actually be fun and not a chore. Sittin at 134K pwnage points with nothing to buy but stamina...
  • did they ever impliment this? I have had no trouble smashing the tower
  • This situation stinks. 6 months ago when I reached level 70 I could beat the tower. Now today for the first time I couldn't. Solaris and the beast team crushed me! I have all 76 characters (most with 6*), but I need gems to give them the runes they need to compete in this game. I wouldn't be so difficult if Solaris wasn't so tough. I love this game, but I can never seem to catch a break.
  • Crimson wrote: »
    Buying 100 stam per day and getting 275 gems is not worth going through the harder tower every day. Yeah upgrade the pwn shop with ferno tokens at least, raise the gems, add materials, and the tower would actually be fun and not a chore. Sittin at 134K pwnage points with nothing to buy but stamina...

    275 gems is not worth 15 minutes of your time? If this is true for you, you should just quit the game now. There is nothing more for DB to offer you.
  • The tower was definitely too easy, I’d have liked to see the end boss beefed up as an alternative because he was the easiest of the lot. Overall, it’s made it more interesting again and I’m reverting to my earlier strategy of using cannon fodder but some combinations are just too powerful for this. All for the tower being harder but not to the point where you get repeatedly devastated by certain over-powered teams.
  • Agreed. Jeepers, the tower went from difficult when I barely had any heroes, to easy as a reward for the work I spent building my teams and tuning them, to now a huge pain in the ****. I hope they find some middle ground, because it feels like the tower is tuned up the wazoo while mine are ignored.
  • Yeah the tower has gotten a bit ridiculous. I really want to see the runes on these enemies. When Kai’s First attack takes out my maxed out epic Zomm with five legendary superior runes on the first strike I’m a bit leery. W. T. F???
  • Its the 40% pvp health missing that makes everithing 1 shotable by quick heroes (other than MK)
  • For goodness sake just make Floor 12 harder. Originally it was easy because the intent was that the player would be LITERALLY crawling with his/her worst heroes when they hit Floor 12. But now runes and epics and legendary teams exist, that doesnt happen anymore. Make Chronos have a team, or just be way harder to kill. Heck, stack endgame superior runes on him.
  • The adding of tunes to the tower without any attempt to balance the power boost to the defenders has me ready to just stop playing after over a year. How about restricting how frequently the most powerful heroes appear? A runed Koros on 8 out of 11 floors is a little ridiculous. Another option would be to equalize attackers and defenders, either both teams start fully energized or neither. It was disappointing after the first go around of adding runes and then removing them that on the second time around player concerns have been ignored. If the object of the changes is to drive away players I think you are on the right track. While I enjoy DB if all advancement in the game is either too expensive in hard money or too slow due to game design why bother. The Tower difficulty is also increased due to the inability to properly target Solaris, another problem of basic game mechanics still waiting for a fix.
  • I've always risen to the challenges presented by the developers but due to the proliferation of Solaris teams in PVP, the Tower is routinely throwing 4, 5, 6 or more floors of Her Birdship.

    Given that there are only a few Heros that can counter her resurrection effectively, i believe we've reached a point where The Tower can be impossible to beat (5+ floors of Solaris teams).
  • I agree given the OP nature of beast teams with Solaris and undead teams with Zomm, multiple floors of these are not beatable by most players. I know there are those at a higher level for whom the Tower is still a piece of cake, I think for the majority of players it is now another source of frustration with DB. I’m hoping that something changes in 2018, either the long awaited combat revamp or changes to bring balance back to the Tower. After runes were introduced the second time the forum feedback was generally negative still I’ve not seen any indication DB pays any attention to the feedback on this type of issue.
  • I have just pulled out of the tower on floor6 after wasting 4 teams including my Solaris beast team and my reptile team on an impossible mission meaning I only get rewards up to floor 5 where is that fair or doable you need to rethink what you are doing in the tower i agree you can't give away rewards but you need to look at the way the tower is runed after all the tower has a uniqueness not allowed to players in that the defenders can be used multiple times attackers once if killed Also remember we are your bread and butter dont make the game so difficult we just pull out
  • I actually think the tower has become significantly easier over time. I quit after the aether shop introduction and came back around a month ago and have found the tower far easier with no need to plan each floor like before. I’ve even got perfect towers every day for the past week. Granted, I don’t face many Solaris teams since I’m level 39 but at lower levels at least, I don’t think the tower is too difficult.
  • I haven’t played the tower in weeks. It’s freaking pointless if there’s no hope in beating it. I’ll say it again, I hate runes!
  • Don't worry, Jim. Give it a week or two and you'll get runes figured out.

    It took me a while to warm up to them too.
  • Seriously considering leaving dungeon boss because of the impossibility of beating Solaris teams and completing if this is a rise to make me buy superior rune grab bags it's not going to work and I'm considering my options I don't mind a fight but not ones that are so biased and weighted against the player
  • Just gonna throw out there that you can bring solaris too.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • Maybe I’m missing something in DB’s thought process, the jump to Solaris healing and resurrection of full teams with a ridiculously short cool down, pack tactics and auto-taunt seems crazily out of balance to begin with; now a new fast beast is added with additional taunt and team damage reduction. It seems as if DB is attempting to make a Solaris beast team the only viable option to for PvP or the Tower, pay through the nose to build the super beast team or give up.
  • Yep I can bring Solaris but the Solaris teams in the tower are so strong and so many like the present has 3 strong Solaris teams one after the other as soon as you lose your Solaris that's it all over not even sure I'll run this next tower
  • The Tower of Pwnage is broken and needs to be fixed ASAP, simple as that!
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