Evo Extravaganza

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am relatively new to this game.
Evo extravaganza is advertised to be active for the next 22 hours and offers 3x appearance of celestial evos.
I just ran a dungeon 24 times without a single drop. Normally I would just assume I had bad rng. Last time this event ran, each dungeon that dropped celestial evos was tagged with a 3x☺. This time they aren't. Last time I also saw celestial evos drop approximately every 10-12 runs. I just want to make sure there is no known issue before I keep spending my stamina. Thank you.


  • @Kalvyn, you should see the 3x evo on the dungeons dropping celestials. The chance is different depending on which celestial you seek. Generally, the celestials found earlier in the game have a higher spawn rate, so spirits, valkyries drop quicker than, say, diamonds. One celestial every 10-12 runs is pretty decent, and not to be expected. Good luck.
  • Have you closed and re-loaded the game since the evo event started? Sometimes things don’t queue up properly if you don’t reload the new event.
  • Thanks Skip. I reloaded as you suggested and sure enough the tags were showing properly. Maybe it was coincidence but I also got the evo I needed with just 3 more runs. Thank you again!
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