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The frustration when things don't work as intended drives me crazy when it's at the expense of me. Dungeon boss stole like 4streaks from me last season, but I ignored it and pushed to 6th place. And this week I lose another crucial streak. To glitch pvp. Their guy goes wack the chest pop and i can't do anything but log out in and so on in an endless glitch. I'm in top 10 this shouldn't happen. Why can't game jus exit and ask to continue into a working dungeon? Snoppdodge one. Stop stealing streaks I can't afford as it is being free2play.


  • I rushed to a Taco Bell for this streak. The dungeon still open. But I see it as done in without lube. This makes 2nd loss of season.
  • N while I'm frustrated fix that shade posses defense zomm is not correctly summoning skeles. Fix that when opposing goretusk is possessed that he stop giving dr buff to the opposite team. Also y does grog epic trigger on revenge if hans doesn't?
  • You’re only 6th place? There’s your problem. Should be shooting for top 5 at least.
  • Unlock my glitch dungeon id b in 3rd n gap closing
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    I have to exit cause continue leads to a glitch. There shouldn't be a glitch at the other end of the rainbow
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Who did you have on your team when you did the raid? And do you remember what you used to kill the possessed hero?
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • I don't remember but I currently have another impossible dungeon about to win game gives me error code and then crash to open to an error code. The game beats me as often as other players's kinda lame as-f. But now I realize there a game update so like always I guess I jus eat another loss to db
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    Game fixed itself all is well sorry to cry early
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