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Hey guys, I've been working on a spreadsheet for Dungeon Boss using excel, I thought some of you may want to use it as well. It has several sheets to allow for multiple uses:
  • All sheets have a lot of functions in place that allow things to be done automatically, you just have to input basic numbers, e.g, once you put in the number of tokens you currently have, out of X total (X being 150 to 5 star, 250 to 6 star, etc), it will generate how many tokens are left, and how many days it would take if you farmed them daily at the assumption of 1 token per dungeon per day.
  • Sheet 1 has two tables that can be sorted. Left side can be sorted by whichever hero is up next to gain a star. This can be done by highlighting the entirety of the table (Cells A3:H52), go to Data tab, press Sort, Sort by Column H and press Ok. Table 2 is just sorted alphabetically by hero to make things easier to find.
  • Sheet 1, you can color code the heroes if you would like to easily find which heroes are currently 1,2,3,4,5,6 star.
  • Sheet 2 is titled Portal. This basically lists each hero that is normally in each portal. Here you can list what current stars you are at for each hero. I made this sheet for myself to see which heroes will stop showing up in the hero. For example, I currently have 5/17 heroes that are 6* that are normally in Great Summon.
  • Sheet 3 is titled Evos. This sheet is very important and affects the next 5 sheets. Here you document how much of each evo you currently have. These numbers will automatically be transferred to the other sheets titled Heroes.
  • Sheet 4 is Ascension. This sheet is just as important as Evos. Here you can put values 0-2. 0 meaning you have never ascended the hero, 1 meaning you've ascended them once, 2 meaning full ascension.
  • Sheets 5-9 are separated by type of hero. You have fire, nature, water, dark, light. Each sheet has each hero listed, their evo requirements per ascension, how many evos of that type YOU currently have, and whether or not you CAN ascend that hero. If you input the data correctly for sheet 3 and 4, these sheets will let you know which heroes are fully ascended, and which can be ascended based on what you have.

Hopefully some of you find this helpful while you play the game. I will try to answer any questions you may have about the spreadsheet, but I am not an expert so don't expect anything amazing, if we're lucky maybe someone else on the forums knows how to actually work with excel.

Here you go!

EDIT: For those who were using the spreadsheet before this, I apologize, there was an error on the heroes tabs where it was not calculating the 4th evo if an ascension required 4 different types. This should be fixed now, the link posted should be the newest one.

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  • This is so nice~~ thank you so much <3
  • Fantastic, thanks!
  • Hey guys, someone let me know that I had a major error regarding ascensions that required 4 different evos, the link posted with the edit should be good now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Nice!
  • Thank you!
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  • What do I need to do to be able to edit/use the file? I saved it to my Google Drive and the form is locked.
  • Lagsalot wrote: »
    What do I need to do to be able to edit/use the file? I saved it to my Google Drive and the form is locked.

    If you go to File, Download As, you should be able to save it to your computer and once you open it, enable editing.
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    Hey everyone, I'm "someone else on the forums knows how to actually work with excel", (Although i'm not really an expert) and this looked like a pretty good project, so I thought I would throw a little more in. Here is what I have so far...
    PS: I haven't touched Ascension or the Hero page, and i'm not finished with the others yet, but I thought you guys would like to see some more Automatic things. Oh, and the portal page is fully automatic from the 1st page, so ya.
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  • The "little more" is amazing! I definitely did not think to automate the portal tab, nor the initial page for heroes. This will definitely make things easier for all the users. Thank you!
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    Thanks, anyways, here is the 2nd update.
    This one now includes Malice, as well as some more smaller things. (Like Adding Indigo to the Heroic Summon, and lots of other formula things that dont really make a visual difference, but make it a lot easier to actually work with)
    Also, now you can comment on the spreadsheet.
    Oh, and also there are a cool drop-boxes for the Main Hero Token Page just to make it clearer and cooler.
    There is one buggy thing, the fire hero tab is really laggy and slow, I'm not sure if its just me, but if anyone has the same problem or a fix, please comment below.

    Edit: Here is a Bug Posting Form

    Edit 2:
    Updated the Main Hero Sheet to be cleaner and now able to sort by different things. Link is updated as well.
    To Sort do this:
    Click Data > Filter Views > Hero Token Filter.
    From there each corresponding category should now have a small arrow next to it, where you can sort the columns in ascending or descending order.
    (Or Even just show specific things, Like all 6* Heroes, or all not 6* Heroes)
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    Level 44, VIP 3.
    Hero Power: 52,743 (And Growing :D)
    Total Number of Heroes = 38 out of 51
    Total Stars = 89 out of 306
    Updated March 1st 2016
  • On a slightly different note, but similar, here is MY spreadsheet. Instead of tracking things like ascend or tokens, this simply tracks how good your heroes are.
    It takes a lot of data input, but it will tell you just about everything you would ever need to know about how your heroes rank among themselves.
    To make the sheet work, you need to input Power, Stars, Attack, Defense, Skill, Health, Basic Attack, Avg Ability, Def/Off/Sup Abilities, and Def/Off/Sup Traits. You can include Bonus Against and Good With, but they are not necessary. You need to Fill in all of this Along with the basic Name, Level, Type and Sub-type as they are also used in functions.
    Now, I know that this is a lot of data input and a lot of time spent, but its not for everyone, and I get that.
    However, I'm sure there are some people who are willing to put in the data and see what happens. (As the Actual Power Value IG is almost never right).
    Anyways, Here it is.
    Level 44, VIP 3.
    Hero Power: 52,743 (And Growing :D)
    Total Number of Heroes = 38 out of 51
    Total Stars = 89 out of 306
    Updated March 1st 2016
  • Thank you so much, this has been an amazing help, there is a few heroes that I didn't know I could FA which I now will!
  • This is the spreadsheet I used: Dungeon Boss spreadsheet (The data in it is very old and outdated)

    It is a quick version of the excel sheet I use side-by-side while playing the game.
    • The columns Z-AC are auto-generated based on column G.
    • What evo's are needed is pulled from the Ascension tab.
    • How many of each evo I have is pulled from the Evo's tab.
    • The Chapters tab can be filtered to be able to quickly select the dungeon you want to play.

    On my offline version I also have a tab to output the data to the wiki so I generate this page: My Stats
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  • First of all, that spreadsheet is Cool, I might borrow some ideas from that.
    Also, wow. That wiki page is cool. How did you do that?
    Level 44, VIP 3.
    Hero Power: 52,743 (And Growing :D)
    Total Number of Heroes = 38 out of 51
    Total Stars = 89 out of 306
    Updated March 1st 2016
  • Feel free to use all ideas you want, that's the best point of sharing. What I like most about that tab is that all info I want about my heroes is in 1 tab and easily compareable because everything of the same category is in the same column. In this tab the columns F/K/L are auto-generated based on column J.

    For the wiki the data is arranged in a way that it stores the values in var's (variables that can easily be recalled, so the var for 'Tsume - Level' is 55 in this case). Al these vars are called in a set place combined with a database on the wiki where all info about a hero (element/abilities/stats) is stored.
    I'm a little old cat lady from Uttica.
  • Is anyone still actively using a spreadsheet for DB? I've downloaded several from this thread, but having a little trouble. The OP's V2 sheet I can download and open, and plan to try out. MaCoPi's sheet will download and open. I also downloaded the DB Character Stat Page, but it's missing a lot of characters...

    The modified V3 spreadsheet made from the OP's gives me an error when I try to open it in Excel 2007. Haven't tried on another computer with newer version of MS Office yet.

    Just thought I'd see if there was anyone still doing this, as I'd like to start and why reinvent the whole wheel when there's a lot of good stuff here.
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  • I'm no longer using a spreadsheet for Ascensions/Evos and my Epics, but I do have one for my Runes that I can share.

    I think I have @Foozle's excellent Epic calculator spreadsheet around still. It was IMMEASURABLY helpful when working toward getting everyone's Epics up to Max. I know that Tim / @pcg0d has a more recent version that's up to date with the most recent epic releases as well. Maybe he can post a link.

    One final caveat, even though my Rune spreadsheet is the most up to date of the two I'm posting, it's woefully out of date at the moment. Hasn't been updated since October or November, well before the Combat revamp. Don't think that my builds are in any way indicative of good builds at the moment but the info in my filled spreadsheet will help autofill yours, so I'm leaving it populated for the most part.

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