Discord Server for Dungeon Boss

Hello everyone. CedricBloodThorn has created a discord server for Dungeon Boss, and I am currently helping him with it. It is like a more live version of the forums, and we hope that you can help us by joining. We help people on dungeons, answer questions, and we try to be as helpful as we can be. I thank you if you would join and help us grow this community server. Link --> https://discord.gg/GzTW9HJ
Level 49
Shared hero: Brom
Dungeon Boss Discord!


  • join and enjoy all the perks of live chat. The forums can also be used if you want something to not be left behind.

    IGN: deadfish3888
    Guild: LPC
    Power: 43085
    Dungeons completed: 484
    Dungeon Boss Discord Server!!!
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