Warrior Event Rune


The descriptions on these event runes are so often either wrong or incomplete that I’ve become terrified of using resources on them. @Joel can you please confirm:

1-What is the third stat on this rune (it only lists def and dodge)?

2-Which of the stats is the primary stat?

3-Can the chance for an extra basic attack be triggered by any attack, or only by basic attacks?


  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    The primary stat was omitted by accident. Usually we show it with the name of the rune (ex. Battle runes always have ATK as the primary stat). That obviously doesn't work for Warrior runes. The primary stat is Defense, we're working to get that clarified. If a rune says "extra basic attack", that means it will do an extra basic attack after a basic attack.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Thank you :)
  • How Would this stack with the new community rune? Would we get a second extra attack or just a better chance of it happening?
  • Why is that i dont have the warrior rune in my shop?

    Also, i haven't been seeing the honor shop runes. Is this a bug?
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  • You're not high enough level yet.
  • Hm. But then how come i have saw the runes in the honor shop before? Now i don't even see them.

    Plus, why do i have to be a higher level to gain higher power runes? Most of the event items are useless to me, i only need the grog tokens but i normally get them from the honor shop anyways. Most lower levels would like to get some improved and superior runes once in a while.
    Level: 42
    Favourite hero: Lupina
    Currently: Doing an maths investigation
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