Yet another bug in pvp

Had this error code this morning in PVP.after restart and continue it brought be back to the same spot and an error code again. Had to exit the battle and suffer a loss. This is getting really old.



  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey @phoxter, thanks for the screenshots. Making sure I'm interpreting things correctly, the error occurred at the start of a round (which is why it's after all the passive expiration) and it was Ekko's turn? Did the error happen before you could interact with Ekko, or did it happen when you tried to attack an enemy?
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Joel this is happening more then you know. I’ve told people to report it but they don’t . Seems since last client update error codes and also glitches where you can’t click on zomminions is happening more often. That’s what has been reported thru my guild chat. Not sure if it’s happening game wide to many but seems to happen when people play a lot of pvp matches in a row. I usually only get error codes and glitches when playing and there is a zomm or Lilly
  • phoxterphoxter Member
    edited February 12
    @Joel if I remember correctly the error occurred during an electrical storm. But I’m really not sure. The error occurred after this screen shot It was the closest I could take a screen save. Ekko had done a basic attack
  • It is fixed.

    The fix is to not use Ekko, and remember to restart your game every five matches.

    Please drive through.
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