This is beyond stupid

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Guys, come ON. What is this? There is no reason for this. This is beyond stupid. This is even after I beat ANOTHER Solaris/goretusk/lily stage (floor 3). With goretusk’s speed and refreshing taunt, and with how quickly all THREE’s abilities recharge, it’s impossible to gain any headway. How am I supposed to make any progress with lily giving everyone evade every 3 turns, goretusk drawing all the hits, and Solaris resurrecting herself and anyone who happens to drop within only a turn or two? And it’s not like our teams are getting out unscathed either. On floor 3 (let’s review: floor THREE), Solaris killed my Igorok in one hit with firebird. A fire/beast/healer Vs. a fully runed, 6* water/monster/tank. Igorok is the perfect counter for Solaris, her attacks shouldn’t have made a scratch on him, and he was killed with ONE HIT. On FLOOR THREE. With the SAME BROKEN TRIO coming back on THREE higher floors! Come on. There’s “a good challenge” and there’s “literally impossible.”

I’m legitimately proud of my account, I have a very impressive roster which I’ve worked very hard to build, but I’m not going to keep playing a game in which the challenges are so recklessly overpowered that the only thing to win from trying is frustration. Just pay more attention to the ability combinations that you’re throwing at us in each individual floor, and over the course of a tower. I don’t understand how this could even happen except from negligence and a fundamental misunderstanding of what it’s like playing this game.
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  • there have been multiple topics about this, but from my own experience as lvl 70 i don't have that many of these teams because i get a fair amount of lower levels with funny combos. i get maybe 3 wich i run over with all dark shade team.

    but for the fun of it, can you add the runes you have on your igorok?
  • I’ve been level 70 for a long time, and I usually have no problem clearing the tower. But when I do, it’s never “wow that was close, I almost didn’t make it,” it’s “this is ridiculous, no player with my roster could ever accomplish this.”

    I only really have one team who can steamroll through every campaign map (including boss mode, not counting the hero-specific dungeons), which is my Undead Scourge team. Igorok’s not runed as well as they are, of course, but they’re all attack/defense runes (leaning into his strengths, being the so-called “best-attack-and-defense-stats-in-the-game” hero) with an emphasis on defense. It just seems like someone’s drunk at the wheel of the difficulty scale, and usually it’s ok but when it’s off at all it’s WAY off

    Here’s my Igorok, as you can see he does have his epic. He’s level 4 now, I have Yasmin & grog-gnog at full epic and stonefist is almost at level 10 so I’m saving the mats for him, hence the un-upgraded epic on Iggy

  • I do question the power of some of the defenders of the tower. Yesterday I went up against a level 63 defense. I’m level 70.

    They had no GT, no Furnace, no Astrid, nobody to give a defensive boost.

    My Shade hit their Hansuke with Haunted Past. Small damage. My Kobal used Contagion Control against a haunted Kobal. Still alive. And a third hero (I forget who) hit him. Still a sliver of life left.

    I’m seven levels higher than them. My heroe are stacked with powerful offensive runes.

    I still beat it. But I can understand the frustrations of some players with less powerful teams. The D seems overpowered for their level.
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