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Ever since this new crown change its put a lot of pressure on my guildmaster. People are leaving guild and are wanting to quit the game completely because of this change! If you all could put it back the way it was that would be amazing! Thank you for your time!


  • Make sure to tag all the devs about the crown changes!
    @Joel @Eej @xtmn8r @Victoria @Greg @Joveth @AshleyD
  • @joel @Eej @xtmn8r @Joveth
    These changes take too much time, are too grindy, not enough flexibility, dictate how we play the game, how we spend resources, totally ruining guilds . The changes are targeting guilds, slow levelers, and people who enjoy the game so much they play more than one account. Please change this back asap.
  • 5 is a good number, change it to 5 dungeons.
  • Yes, it's enough. They are dictating way too much of our game play as it is. Do this. Spend that. Now all or nothing crowns. @eej. @xtmn8r @Joveth
  • Can you repost and tag @Eej @xtmn8r @Joel @Joveth thx!

    The crown quest changes are hurting everyone! They are dictating how we spend our time and resources in the game. The changes are not flexible and they are all or nothing. There's no individuality in mind. We are all just little solders who must march to their drum if we wish to continue playing the game. Not good. Very disheartening. Please change asap!
  • All teue this is hurting all slow levelers and guilds and everybody that plays multiple accounts
  • Having to complete or quick loot 20 dungeons every day is ridiculous and feels like a chore
    Having to complete ALL of the quests rather than a choice of 10 quests is really frustrating. Not every player enjoys every form of content (Tower of PWNage, PVP etc)
    I'd be happier if the complete PVP raids stayed at 3...that was all I was willing to do on a daily basis.
  • Well said! No variety, all or nothing, more resources needed than allotted, boring, time consuming. @xtmn8r
  • Boycott crowns this week! And post it in the forums.
  • If they cared, they would have said anything by now, instead we get a copy of the summit log, supplied via another forum member. Simply pacification for the possibilities of improvement. The all or nothing idea of guild crowns quests can not be a great idea to anyone but the devs. Why is this way better than the old way of achieving crowns?

  • @Joel @Eej @xtmn8r @Victoria @Greg @Joveth @AshleyD

    This is still an ongoing issue. DB used [email protected]

    h more fun, now the dailies are on rails. I have come to look athe the daily grind. I have no choices in which quests to pursue. I personally, find the PWN tower to be boring, and not at all engaging. I hate having no choice. And, the daily shop grind is really bad. I dont have money to spend on games every day. Especially on a game that has lost my interest. I really dread playing a game that i used to enjoy. I am spending the time i used to play DB on other games. And, any spare change that comes my way? Not getting spent on DB anymore. Please change the crown quests. This is no longer enjoyable.
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    sirolk99 wrote: »
    Make sure to tag all the devs about the crown changes!
    @Joel @Eej @xtmn8r @Victoria @Greg @Joveth @AshleyD

    Okay, at first I thought you were poking fun at people who needlessly tag mods several times in a post, but then you acually did it, including Joveth, who left like, a year ago, as well as other who haven't commented in months, and eej, who also doesn't do anything anymore because of Joel's return.

    This makes me sad. I am going to go be sad about this thread and be happy about my crowns still not taking more than ten minutes to complete. See you fellas!

    Edit: wow I just realized I tagged them all again by quoting sirolk there hehe.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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    I think I found every blue dev on this forum.
    Did I miss any?
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    You guys tagged one that isn't here anymore
  • Quite a couple of them aren't here anymore, that's whats funny... :p
  • The point is to get across the lack of fun these current crown quests are. No choice, all or nothing. People fluffing up because tower doesn't reset. It's wearing me thin. @Joel
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