Please remove the 20 quest portion of the daily quests.

Dear DB:

Please remove the 20 quest requirement from the daily crown quest set for all the reasons all the other players have mentioned in other threads.

If you wish to share your rationale, I'm sure the player base can provide either a useful alternative to accomplish the same goal or substantial evidence of the negative impact of the goal itself.

Thank you for your recent attentiveness to ongoing event problems and the adjustments you've made to toning back some of the changes so far. I'm hoping you'll keep adjusting.

I realize I'm just one little teeny drop in your profit bucket, and I am aware my one little opinion at a mere VIP 5.5 will have very little impact on your work, but I feel better posting my views. But, get enough of us little folk in a room, and it starts to add up.

To paraphrase former senator Everett Dirkson:
"A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money."

(In my own little personal world inside my brain and body there is justice and fairness and profit is sustainable but not dominating and unregulated. That's the only world I have control over. And I prefer life that way.)


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