Anyone know why there are no extra Boss Island dungeons lately?

I'm just wondering what the reason is there haven't been the extra Boss Island dungeons that allow you to get Superior runes and materials you can't find virtually anywhere else (like jewels and etched bars). I'd like to start crafting an Elite rune or two but need some way to get some Superior runes to salvage for their shards so I can create some Elite rune shards. I know I can always get the Superior shards through the Honor Shop or in Event Shops but the Boss Island dungeons was another way without spending a lot of honor, event tickets or real money.


  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Hopefully they’ve scrapped them. I hated them. Waste of stamina and time. I wouldn’t mind if they’re came back as long as they were 5 stamina and not 20. But hopefully they’re working on something new in their place.
  • I don't mind if the stamina is 20 if the dungeon gives out good loots like those elemental or ancient source/core ...
    The dungeon as of now --> agree with JackHallow.. it is kinda waste of time and stamina.
  • Razor23Razor23 Member
    edited February 23
    Yea, you're right about the 20 stamina. I kind of forgot about that. I agree it should have been less stamina or they should have given out more materials. They were long dungeons to get through, plus the 20 stamina and sometimes you came out with just one jewel, etched bar or rune. Still, I'd like there to be some dungeons available to get materials like jewels, essenses, etched bars, etc., I just hope they make them more reasonable.
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