Find Your Way in the Underworld


Are you the kind of player that likes to play smarter, not harder? Looking for the opportunity to up your game and learn and share with some of the most talented and dedicated people in the game? Then join us in The Underworld! We’re competitive adults who recognize the game should be fun, and we set our expectations for effort appropriately! We work together as top players and earn top rewards with far less stress on our members and their personal lives. We have an exceptional community of players that are here for the long-haul and off-the-wall LINE chat!

We are excited to announce that the Underworld has grown! The Underworld has been joined by the Titans guilds to create an alliance of three guilds with opportunities for more players at a range of levels.

The Underworld
Top 5 Guild
Requirements: 1.5M PVP Trophies, 400K RP, 240 crowns/week, LINE
GM: Anûbis (LINE ID: AnubisBD)

The Underworld Titans
Top 20 Guild
Requirements: 500K PVP Trophies, 300K RP, 240 crowns/week, LINE
GM: Pwnisher (LINE ID: izjjzi)

The Underworld Olympians
Top 50 Guild
Requirements: 250K PVP Trophies, 200K RP, 210 crowns/week, LINE Optional
GM: Müerta (LINE ID: muerta. )

So if you’re a committed Dungeon Boss player who’s looking to earn top rewards and have fun (and PVP) with some of the best in the game (and you understand Wheaton’s Law), please feel free to contact me (LINE ID “theresial07”) or another Underworld Officer on LINE, here in the Forum or in the game.


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