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The Great Evil was too much for lone summoners and their heroes, so bosses starting banding together to defeat The Dark Boss. The reasons why, however, were what made guilds different. Some did it out of the good of their hearts, others for glory, or, in the case of Evil Inc, to bring corporate profiteering to the lands of dungeon boss.

Evil Incorporated, founded by EvilBear, was one of the earliest guilds created. The guild started off strong but through an unexpected takeover, EvilBear lost his GM title a few weeks later. Forced to make a new company, now titled Evil Inc, EvilBear hired an officer named Regus and together they fought and quickly destroyed the imposter guild. With this new success, EvilBear proposed a merger to The Great Evil to rule over the Dungeon Boss lands together, but wanting to be the only one controlling the realm, The Great Evil refused. Furious, EvilBear sought to destroy it and become the sole owner. He started by branching out the guild and creating Evil LLC (Limited Liability Company), and hiring more and more heroes, until disaster struck.

The Great Evil had risen Boss Mode and Epic Island, and with it came the secret to runecrafting which lead EvilBear to become secluded to his office working on these artifacts. Trying to figure out how to rune all his heroes, EvilBear gave up in frustration and was never seen again. The Evil Inc CEO's chair slid over to Regus, who vowed to continue the battle against the Great Evil and has been Evil Inc's leader ever since. As I am sure you know, a guild is not made up of just two people. Selector37, Petukkainen, Tuittu, Adira_Mollari, Evil_Peteh, Ewandi, Olinad, Stoneyo, Tukkie, Zache, BrandonJ1, Deluxe247, and Trynthas all are some of the first employees that EvilBear hired that have stayed until this very day. Not to mention all of the member that had to leave due to the power of Evil being to much for them. With these losses, The CEO Regus strives to look toward positive side of things, despite his job, and choses to look at these losses as chances to find more and better people, and he has done that very well.

Evil has been around since the beginning of the universe, just like Evil Inc. has been around since the beginning of guilds. Evil can consume you or drive you insane, but its corporate counterpart will always have a sign that says “HELP WANTED”.

Basic Info:

Weekly Crowns Earned:
Evil Inc: 10.5k Evil LLC: 8-9k

Best GG Finishes:
Evil Inc: 33rd Place.(August 6th 2017) Evil LLC: Top 100 Evil Inc Mailroom:

Most Boss Invasion Points Earned:
Evil Inc: 1.2 Million Evil LLC: 600k Evil Inc Mailroom:

Largest Amount of Trophies Gained During the GGT.
Evil Inc: Evil LLC: Evil Inc Mailroom:

Who to contact:

Regus, LINE: evilregus

Lumin13 (Lumin13 on LINE), JA64, OdinsFuryz (OdinsFuryz on LINE), and SeasideStorm (SeasideStorm on LINE).
m6g7s (mgs on LINE)
Shivermetimbers (shivermetimbers on LINE) Lady Blackbeard (Lady Blackbeard on LINE)

[email protected]

Level: 74
Position: Officer of Evil Inc
Favorite Hero: Ekko
"Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."
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  • We are still looking for some people!
    Level: 74
    Position: Officer of Evil Inc
    Favorite Hero: Ekko
    "Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."
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