Has the Tower Gotten Easier?

I noticed lots of people complaining about Solaris GT teams in the tower. I didn't get one today and the past 2-3 days I've only had 2 or less. None of them have been the hard kind either except for maybe one Lily in the past 4 days. There are many teams that don't even compliment each other and are steamrolled. It seems some people's prayers were answered.


  • I've got two today (actually yesterday's tower), not consecutive floors. My last couple of towers felt easier, but I've never failed to complete the tower even with four consecutive Sol-GT floors above level 6.

    It's actually Lily I hate most, it's almost impossible to kill her before she "sapping vines" and you can't cleanse them, you just have to try to live through them. I try to take out Mangle Jaw first round for the same reason - room effects.
  • Yeah Lily is worse than GT and Sol combined.
  • Yeah Lily is worse than GT and Sol combined.

    They are all equally worse to fight against. Throw GG in there too.
  • Well Grog just brings the damage. Imagine those three already being hard to beat.... and add Leo. RIP
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