Tower of pwnage-Beast with Lily blossom team

Level 62 beast team with lily blossom destroyed my level 70 Shade-Hopper-Shadow Blade-Solaris with all superior runes on floor 1. The floor 1 team was Solaris-Grog gnog-Goretusk-Lily Blossom.


  • You have to plan these battles out. I have four of those teams today, plus three other solaris teams. They're not terribly difficult, just more time consuming since I often use suicide heroes to get rid of GG's first two skills. My big aoe hitters against these teams are viperia, koros, and daeris (not on the same team of course). Use a hero with auto taunt (krexx with snakes, GT) to keep their lead-off GT away from your more delicate heroes. Don't forget the damage boost you can get from lupina's fear and ember's first skill. Also, indigo's first skill can be used to reduce mammoth guard a bit. It's similar to a damage buff.

    If I see a lead-off lily in that team I go straight in with a snake team, leading off with one of those fast heroes above if there's a lot of enemy star power. GT hits krexx, your fast guy goes, lily does vines, then nail them with snakes on a plain. The rest should be clean-up.

    If I see a GG lead-off (or the team like you faced), I like to sacrifice so his first two skills are gone. Then you can use snakes, or GT paired with another aoe hitter. You need frost breath to target krexx or GT and not your important damage dealers.

    Kill lily first. Her skills will turn the battle into a mess quickly.

    It's a balancing act with sacrificing heroes. You don't want them runed so heavily that they survive to allow the enemy to recharge deadly skills, but they need to live long enough to burn up skills. Typically, my unruned epic heroes can take a hit from a skill or two. Unruned normal heroes rarely survive one skill hit.

    other useful skills against this annoying team:
    all of shade's skills (I love possessing enemy lily)
    zomm's taste for brains
    hopper stomp and soul devour
    SB first skill
    Igo or even Icebloom (watch it, her basic attack is spirit) freezing can be useful to stall/kill solaris
    ferno is good vs. the blue boys especially paired with agnon
  • My go-to team for this defense is Hopper Grog-Gnog Solaris Leonidas.

    The one thing this defense can't do is remove corpses. With Solaris to revive Leonidas and anyone else down, and Leonidas to revive 2 others when he goes down, you should not be able to lose unless all four of your heroes go down simultaneously.

    I just beat two consecutive floors of this defense, but lost Hopper on the second floor. It was Hopper or Solaris, and Shade or Zomm can replace Hopper as a back-up corpse remover.
  • LafooteLafoote Member
    Freezing Lilly is effective as well. GT first ability is great vs. non-GT teams, and Igorok or Valkin can shut her down if all your 'killers' are still on cooldown.
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