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I'm really surprised that with as long as this game has been out that there hasn't been a hero "sort by" option in our hero selection page. Seems to me like it would be something fairly easy to implement. Also it would be really nice if we had access to either a online Almanac of Hero's Available to us in game so that we don't always have to switch between screens just to see Ability's, Trait's, etc etc.


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    This has been asked for many, many times over the past couple years. From observation, the problem seems to be that they have so few people working on the game that they have to choose between fixing the existing systems and features or developing new content. And only new content directly brings in fresh revenue.

    Also, the “fixes” to existing features seem to drag on for untold months and/or never end up working quite right. See: pvp seasons, matchmaking, combat formula revamp, etc.
  • I know that removing sections of code is usually not as easy as it sounds, but it seems like there are numerous algorithms in place for sorting the hero list, none of which are helpful. It looks like it's trying to recommend heroes for situations, but I can't recall a single time I've taken its "advice" - sometimes the heroes I want are near the bottom of the list. The most useful option would either be a manual sort order which applies everywhere (standard dungeons, pvp, tower, etc) or just listing them alphabetically with the ability to mark favorites to show up at the top. I'd bet it would take a LOT fewer system resources than whatever kind of voodoo it's trying to do now. While we're dreaming, having team presets would be awesome! I only have a handful of teams I use on a regular basis.
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  • Sorry echonap. There are new players every day. It's a basic and expected function. The beatings will continue until it's implemented.
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    echonap wrote: »

    I will only stop when they come to remove the horse and replace it with sorting.
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