2 New heroes- Elves and Casters

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First luminescence, speed of the sun
She is a fast,light,elf,rogue, legendary
0 ascensions-
New passive! Steady Fire
If She Criticals, instead of gaining bonus damage gain haste, then lose 10% of her Critical strike This turn only

New passive! Power of the 5 kingdoms I
Increase's Critical strike by 5% for each elf on the team with a different color

(Basic attack)Hunting party
Deals a small amount of damage, if this consumes steady fire, your elves get 10% attack and a random elf on your team learns steady fire

New ability! Hold your fire
Apply hold your fire to all elves for 3 turns, skip your turn,reduce damage you take by 90%, whenever someone with hold fire is attacked counter attack this does not consume steady shot- 7 energy
(this will allow you to keep all buffs that would usually expire at the end of turn, whenever your attacked while hold fire is active with a full elf team, all elves will attack the hero who attacked the elf on your team)

First ascension
Requirements-50 light monarchs, 10 earth sister Evos, 4 arcane evos, and 3 diamond evos

New ability! Reckless maneuvering
gain 1 energy for each time an elf was attacked last turn, if this used steady fire all elves get energy instead, 8 energy

New passive! Power of the 5 kingdoms II
Increase attack 15% and critical chance by 5% for each elf on the team with a different color

Second Ascension
Requirements- 60 nature monarchs, 60 fire monarchs, 60 water monarchs, 60 dark monarchs

New passive! Power of the 5 kingdoms III
What it does is increase the attack of your elves by 5% and critical chance by 10% for each elf on the team with a different color

New passive! LimitBreaking
Your critical rate can now go over 50%
(so if she had the resources/ runes she could reach over 100% critical rate

New ability! Elementalize
All elves gain 10% elemental from each elf of a different element (if you have a purple, green,red,white you would get a furnace like passive for each of these elements)(( Like 10% Dark damage, 10%Light damage, 10%Nature damage, and 10%Fire damage))
Inferno is a slow,fire,caster,healer, spirit who was the apprentice of Sulfuras, I thought when Dungeon boss releases Sulfuras Boss mode you will battle him in the same room as sulfuras.

Appearance- Looks kind of like Shade except he is Extremely Cocky, He wears A crown of Flame, With wings of flame, Holds a book of Pyromancy and Dracomancy, on his other hand It is on fire holding a staff crafted from pure evil (A branch of Evil, Heroes blood, and the breath of his teacher Sulfuras

His Spread Flame ability looks like him pointing his wand at someone then the fire amplifying growing larger, his cleansing flame will look like him grabbing an elixir from his pocket, Dipping the wand in it and then casting a fire spell on his allies
his combustive charge will look like him Lighting himself on fire, charging into the Fray, bouncing between enemies and then returning to his spot on the team. His breath of Sulfuras will look kinda like Sulfuras's charge attack, except when his attack is successful it will slowly turn him into a dragon


New passive! living flame
burning stacks increasing each turn,each stack is 50% as efficient as the last one, if it would ever expire or be purged grow another stack, burning now pierces immuneities, and burns increase your maximum health of team by 1% of their damage or healing whenever they take effect until next encounter

(Basic Attack) Spread flame- increase all stacks of burning/cleansing flame by 1 if anyone has any stacks

New ability! Cleansing flame,
Apply cleansing flame to your team,((Basically burn except it heals and is placed on allies)) this works with living flame (when it heals it will increase max health if it would ever be purged or expire it will gain 1 more stack) 3 energy

First ascension
Requirements-7 Incedinary evos,37 fire monarchs,55 Fire Evos, and 2 arcane evos

New passive! consuming flame
whenever you attack a burning target increase attack and critical by 10%remove all stacks of burning and attack again for each stack removed (this effect stacks)(( Basically this would increase attack and critical strike by a medium amount and double the stacks of burning on the target and attack for each stack applied))

New ability! combustive charge
Deal medium Fire damage to all enemies, enhance your next spread flame to increase all stacks by the amount of stacks consumed by this attack- 6 energy (Consuming Flame attacks are chosen randomly

Second ascension
Requirements- 4 shadow evos,7 incendiary evos,5 mind evos,65 fire monarchs

New passive! Dragons Heart-
Increase Healing received to all burning allies (also is affected by Cleansing flame ((basically increases healing by cleansing flame and increase healing received by people affected by cleansing flame)))

New ability! Breath of sulfurous
Charge for 2 turns, then deal heavy damage to all enemies (burns Corpses of enemies killed and ones that are already dead), then transform into dragon form- 5 energy

New passive! Links to the Past
If on a team with Ignus gain Pyro maniac, if on a team with shade Give him pyro maniac, If on a team with both Ignus And Shade Whenever Someone Attacks A Burning Target They Gain Consuming Flame, and whenever they proc consuming Flame the team gains 1 energy

Dragon Form Traits-

New passive!Fast and furious
Attacks first, and as health decreases damage increases

New passive! Sharded Memory
Retains all passives, buff, debuffs and max Hp increases from caster Form

New passive! Thick scales
immune to debuffs, take 25% less damage from all sources (Armored) when he dies revert back to inferno

New ability!Rapid fire,
deal super low fire damage to a random enemy 10 times, reduce their defense, this effect stacks, chance to burn

New ability!Out in flames
cast rapid fire until you die, each time cast lose 10% health, decrease health lost as skill increases
All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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