GT take extra damage in the end of a round

Have seen it a few times, and guild mates also. My Lily have vines out on the playing field, and at the end of the round, enemy team takes damage, including the Goretusk. He takes 8000 damage and dies.. Why?? I have a video but sadly I cannot upload the format of it, so added a screenshot and a gif. 0bpjpuzuq5kd.png


  • As you can see, Sol and Shade takes 0 damage. Sol maybe because of spirit attack?
    Have also noticed healing from vines and Solaris are reduced to 0 when Lily or whoever is feared?
  • MonkeyHunterMonkeyHunter Member
    edited March 2018
    The damage on GT is from burn. It does 8,000 damage because of fear.

    When a hero has full health the healing doesn’t show. Not sure why burn damage didn’t show on other heroes.

    Edit: I wish your gif was a little longer because it looks like vines didn’t actually activate. Or maybe end-of-turn damage happens serially and we only saw a portion of it. Needs more information.
  • It's a YouTube link but it's the best I can do
  • After seeing it here, you could be right about the fire damage..
  • Thanks, this makes it clear. Damage at the end of the turn is serial. Looks like GT was the 3rd hero to take damage and his death animation delays the other end-of-turn damage.
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