Game Mode Suggestion: Random Team Battle

This has probably been suggested before but I'll throw my two cents worth in. I don't feel in the game that there is any reason to focus on building up characters that you never use. I have all the heroes but on several of them I haven't invested any time or effort in putting runes or even paying out their abilities to full power. So this is my suggestion. A new game mode where your team is randomly selected from all your heroes. Your team then battles a relatively low level team just in the tower. If you win then you get a little reward and you move onto the next team to go up against and an increased reward. Your team is either swapped out for a new bunch of random heroes or you are forced to keep the same team for the progress through the battles. If you lose then it's basically event over for you for the day. I think this would encourage players to push every hero to full stats and gear and open up players to unique synergies that they may not have encountered. You might get lucky with a random team of good heroes but at some point your weakest link is going to be your weakest heroes.


  • That would be great although it would be hard for people that haven't been level 70 for a while. I'm level 69 and my Balog is level 50 with level 13 abilities... also no ascensions. It would be interesting but I feel there are a lot of very bad heroes.
  • Doesnt need to be random, but character locks have been suggested 100X over and would be a good way to add some pizzazz to a season.
    My personal suggestion is a survival mode in PvP where its like the tower - if streaks were tied to each "session", allowing you to reset at any time free of charge, I think it would encourage wider range of hero use.
    Unfortunately, 80% of the heroes are incapable to taking on the best defenses, so its a moot point.

    Are all plugs shameless?
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