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The rune in the event shop has 20% chance for a bonus basic attack. Does this combo with Pignius? I have it on Goretusk so with 50 and 20% chance for bonus attacks, I should have a 10% chance to do 3 attacks?


  • Idk if they work, my sister has tried them on all of her heroes and it doesn't ever proc for here, maybe its just the improved is buggy idk
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  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    They stack for the possibility of a second hit, but do not stack to allow a thrid hit.
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  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    It definitely works. I use hardened assault on solaris and it took all 3 hits to kill her but the agnon killed grog with relentless and THEN attacked a lily. Is it supposed to work like that?
  • So my Goretusk would have 70% chance to do a second hit or 84%(0.7x0.2)?
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