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I am trying to create an effective construct team. I am happy with the performance of Furnace, Agnon, and Stonefist, and I am happy with Bauble as a healer. But the weak link is that I can't keep Bauble alive long enough. Which type and mixture of defensive runes would you suggest? In particular, how should I mix health, defensive, and damage reduction? I don't need any offence out of Bauble -- just to keep it alive.


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    For the guild games, I ended up trying to tune up my Bauble simply because my desired choice for the second construct on the team, Furnace, is something like level 20 and completely unascended. There was no way I was getting two bushido evos and eight runed evos at such short notice, whereas I only needed a couple of incendiary evos to get Bauble up to FA.

    The weak spot as regards Bauble, to me, is his health. To demonstrate this, here are some base HP values at my level (62).

    Goretusk: 4458.
    Hansuke: 4226.
    Agnon: 3926.
    Ferno: 3369.
    Lily: 3081.

    Bauble's base max HP of 1702 shows that he is way, way below average. You will still need some def because he's behind in that department as well. In my experience Bauble will still be the first to die even if you pump his HP up, but at least Volatile Components will do more damage. It's a shame Bauble can't repair himself with his basic attack, really.
  • Bauble isn't meant for the tank role although it can excel at DR. By putting 25% DR on it, you get 100% melee DR and 50% ranged DR.
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    Oh, I thought the combat revamp nerfed the 100% melee DR thing, so I never tried tried stacking DR high. My owl was sitting at ~25% DR from incidental stats; I didn't feel like putting a lot of gold into the experiment.
  • I don't think flying and armored are multiplicative though I know runes are. If that is the case, then you would need 33% DR from runes so 0.75*1.33= 99.7. I'm not sure how the combat revamp could change it unless ALL DR couldn't go over 50% in calculations as that would make the armor useless in melee calculations and Goretusk's max DR would only be 50...
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    DR is hard capped at 90. Bauble has been useless since combat revamp. Doesn't matter what runes you use.
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