Tundrox! The Slow Alien Warrior

Ignore that there is no Slow Trait on the Pic


Classification: Slow/Alien/Warrior

Element: Water
+35/45% vs Fire units
-25% vs Nature units

Runes: [Water|Water|Water|Nature|Dark]

0 Ascends:
Slow- Attacks last, but boosts ATK and HP plus has a chance to revenge any physical attack
Alien Instinct- Takes highly reduced damage from ranged attacks and will turn any debuff into a random helpful buff at the end of each round
Crystalized Skin- Chance to Freeze melee attackers and chance to Frostbite on attack
Human Hunter- Deals more damage to characters that are NOT Beasts, Monsters, or Dragons
Nice and Icy- Self heal for every enemy Tundrox Freezes
2 Ascend:
Frozen Core- If an enemy attempts to freeze Tundrox, raise self defense and attack and lower the attack of that enemy
Frost Energy- Give +1 energy to any ally that is Frostbitten at the end of each round

Attack- 2,436
Defense- 2, 735
Skill- 1,285
Max Health- 5, 836
Crit Chance- 24%
Crit Multiplier- 200%
Dodge Chance- 0%
Damage Penetration- 0%
Damage Reduction- 0%
Fire Resist- 18%
Nature Resist- 0%
water Resist- 33%
Light Resist- 0%
Dark Resist- 0%
Spirit Resist- 8%


Frost Chop- Attacks one enemy. Has a chance to Freeze enemy and will Freeze if enemy is already Frostbitten

[Special] Cool Down: 6
Glacier Havoc- Large glaciers rain down on all enemies Dazing them. This also has a chance to Freeze or Frostbite enemies. If Grog-Gnog's Snow Day buff is active, then raise all allied water hero's defense

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Mega Chomp- Chomps one enemy and applies Frostbite to them. If the enemy is Frozen, this attack will deal 3x damage and remove the Freeze debuff off of that enemy

[Special] Cool Down: 5
Icicle Daggers- Throws very sharp pointed icicles at all enemies Frostbiting them. If an enemy is Frozen already, this attack will make the Freeze last longer


  • As amazing a idea as ever. Wish i had seen this sooner!
    Level 71 in the almighty Potato Army!
  • Why would frost day effect him if he's not a beast? Otherwise, cool hero.
  • haha thanks. I see what u mean when you said he's not a beast... should have thought about that but I mean he is another ice hero so idk, kind of fits in with snow day.
  • its prob because he is part of the snow... or maybe he is the person who made the Frankenstein ogre,beast mix with alien technology... if so then i bet he was a mad man
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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