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I have recently returned to active playing after a little break (I've stopped just after Solaris introduction). I did notice the changes in healing, tower revamp, changes to Nim, Selwyn (finally!) as well as new heroes. Oh and the another tier of runes... just great : /////
I really like the changes to healing. It now makes more sense to upgrade healing skills. Although the upgrade made Solaris even more unfair, as her skill and passive not only resurrects, but also full heals. I get that she is a legendary and supposed to be powerful, but isn't the ability to rez your full team kinda op already ? I think that if her resurrection healed let's say 30% of heroes' hp it would easier to beat teams with her. In addition the tower would be less frustrating to some players as most of the teams there include her.
Next is Agnon, a hero which is immune to debuffs, very resistant to dmg until his first turn, dealing 2x dmg to ~95% of other heroes, taking only half of dmg form physical attacks, with minimal cooldown, good stats and very good abilities. Noticed the problem already ? He anihilates anyone who is supposed to tank the damage with Plummeting Doom, the rest is too squishy to survive his Dark Skies affected attacks. As a result he was able to one-shot most of my heroes with his skills. You rarely see his normal attacks as he is immune to silence, is able to get some extra energy and has 3/4/3 in cooldowns. With new elven passive and Therand revamp he has gained some enemies but I think it isn't enough. How about making his Graniteform count as Stoned target? That way he could gain some more counters in Viperia and Cobressa, but I doubt it would balance him. He at least is a counter to another recently released hero Goretusk. Yet another OP, water, beast hero. Somehow he is very tanky. With worse runes at 3 stars he has more defense than a legendary 5-star tank The Furnace. Add Solaris' support and you have very annoying mess to deal with.

These three heroes are the main problem of current meta due to how superior they are to other heroes with similiar roles.

I do not do pvp often (only for quests) so I cannot tell what the problem looks like in higher tiers, although I think that it's even worse there, isn't it ?
Feel free to comment on my suggestions, I'll be glad to read some feedback.
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  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I agree entirely. I think Agnon should be classified as a Tank, despite not being able to Taunt or Provoke. It would at least let Casters have a chance against him. And Solaris will always need a nerf. I don’t understand anyone who says Solaris isn’t overpowered. I think all she needs is simply change her last ability to simply have 1 use.
    And as a counter-measure, buff the offensive form of the attack to the point where you actually might consider using it over the team revive.

    As for Gore, I think he’s actually pretty okay. As per your comment about his ridiculously high Defense, that’s simply because he starts battles with his Defense boosted by his Taunt. Essentially it’s like the deal with heroes who have Guardian Runes equipped. It looks like they have a lot of Defense, but it’s only because the game counts them as having a buff on them - even in the hero card.
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