Scrolling in character selection menu

Ever since the last downloaded update I have severe lag when trying to scroll through the character selection menu. It's bad enough that I don't really want to ever see that screen.

I also submitted a ticket, but I cannot log into the forums with my regular account anymore either--johnnycarroll.


  • Actually it's anywhere I scroll. Here's a video of it: I was consistently scrolling the entire time. This is an S8 on Android 8. I've uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • I also have the same issue. I downloaded the new game client recently, and also installed Android 8.0 on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (the next dsy maybe) . I thought it worked fine before the Android update, but not entirely certain.
  • Same issue. Sometimes it scrolls suuuper slow then speeds up so I can't see anything.
  • I also have this issue on my galaxy s8 now updated to Oreo, I even wiped my phone due to some other issues and still experience this when scrolling in any part of the game
  • RickoTRickoT Member
    edited April 2018
    I think I fixed this using game tuner... I set the max fps to 30 and it seems to respond a lot better to scrolling
    • Install the Game Tuner app from either the galaxy store or the play store
    • Open it
    • Tap Modes
    • Tap Custom and Save
    • It will tell you it needs to close all apps, tap Apply
    • Now tap the arrow next to custom
    • Find Dungeon Boss and tap it
    • Set the Resolution Ratio to 100%
    • Set the Frame Rate Limit to 30
    • Tap Save
    • It will say it needs to close all games, tap Apply
    • Launch Dungeon Boss
    • Profit

    p.s. BBCode on mobile sucks lol
  • After tinkering more... Here are the settings I ended up with that seems to be the best on my s8
    • Resolution Ratio: 100%
    • Frame Rate Limit: 50
    • Texture Quality: 100%
    • Brightness: Off
    • HW Performance: +5

    I hope you all find these settings work for you as well
  • Thank you RickoT! That helps tremendously on my S8! It is much better scrolling around mt character list now!
  • I think there should be a search bar at the top of the character list so that you can jump directly.
    Please? Pretty please?
  • WasiWasi Member
    I hate the one where you scroll through your friend list then it jitters and you select an already used hero and burn 5 gems.
    The Potato Army
  • I've just got my S8 today and it seems this scroll issue remains. Even with game tuner it's not great. My S7 was much more solid - apart for the jitter issue with friends. But that's been like that since forever. I think they (DB) like the fact you burn some gems unintentionally.
    The Potato Army
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