Logging in to collect my daily honour from my PvP chest

YykkilYykkil Member
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oh wait there isn't any.


  • Skip_HolmesSkip_Holmes Member
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    Set a defense that doesn’t suck?
  • li30li30 Member
    Think OP want to express why chest protected honors still got stolen
  • YykkilYykkil Member
    No, want to express how this is possible. Usually overnight get hit between 2-8 times. This is an anomalous exception and want to know why I was a valid target for 28 hits in 8 hours for just 1 night...
  • You’re always a valid target for 25-30 people when you start getting offered up as a defense.

    You might not always be attacked that many times but it really depends on how crappy a defense you’ve set up and just how tempting a target you might be.

    What’s your defense? What level are you? (If you just hit 65, you’re suddenly showing up on a lot of level 70s radar and you’ll be targeted more often until you reach level 70 yourself.)
  • YykkilYykkil Member
    I've been struggling with defense for a while but it's not a meme defense by any means.

    GT, GG, Solaris, Agnon, in that order. Even if it's not ideal getting hit 28 times in 8 hours is pretty excessive, that's like when PvP revamp just came out.

    Been level 70 for a while and using this defense for a few weeks, never been hit this many times in one night.
  • danacdanac Member
    I get hit like that once a week. If your runes aren't top notch, just expect it.

    Either protect your chest all the time, or just expect one day to have no rewards.

    Or make a defense that folks can't steamroll, through,
    but gl wt that.

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