Reverting Kira

Hey everyone,

I came here to discuss everyone's favorite light ninja, Masuta Kira. A couple of months ago, this dude got hit pretty hard with the changes he was given. It may just be me at higher rankings and the meta of PvP is there, but I never see him being used, and this leads me to what changes can be made for him. Personally, I think reverting him to his old self will add more variety to the current meta of PvP. He did seem extremely popular and picked on near every attack/defense, so maybe a little tweaking of his stats to avoid him being as much of god-tier pick as he was.

Tell me what you think about reverting Kira back to the old self. Is he fine where he currently is or would you like to see him being played more often?


  • danacdanac Member
    I think we should vert him first.

  • danac wrote: »
    I think we should vert him first.

    i think he means to take back the nerf, make it so as if he was never nerfed with his high damage
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  • With Goretusk and the huge survivability given by the beast teams, I don't think his previous OP form would be that bad or even scratch beast teams.
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